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Hey, I'm Beck, 22 years old. I currently live at home with my parents in a Town in Wales called Port Talbot. And just let me add, Wales isn't in England, its a country of its own next to England!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I decided I my next holiday was going to be to America. I had looked online and worked out the cost, which was suitable for me. Talking about it to my friend, she suggested Trek America, a friend of hers had been on one and really enjoyed. So I took a peek at Trek America, and instantly fell in love!

There are 3 main places I want to go to in America - Los Angeles, New York & Washington DC. Now it doesn’t take a fool to realise LA is on the west coast, and NY & DC are on the East coast.

On Trek America, I came across the ‘West Coast Highlights’ Trek, which includes Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas & San Francisco. The price for this trek is very good, so I’ve settled on this trek! It’s a camping trek for 7 nights, 2 nights in budget accommodation, and I’ve never been camping before in my life! I’ve been away in a Caravan, hundreds of times, and once or twice slept in a tent just outside the van, but its hardly camping!

I thought since Trek America sort everything out camping-wise, and that I’d only have to bring my own sleeping bag, I’d give it a try and see how it goes!!!

So that Trek covers the West coast for me, now the East coast. I looked for East coast treks that run around the same time as the West Coast Highlights, and only found one - The North-eastern BLT. New York - Ithaca - Niagara Falls - Toronto - Montreal - Boston - New York. Perfect! Ok, so it doesn’t cover DC, but it goes into Canada, and I’m not going to turn down this trek! It turns out, this trek starts 67 days after the West coast one finishes, so then I have enough time to myself to go to DC and anywhere else I fancy!

So, I’m saving my pennies and about to book my two treks. I’m going in March - April 2010, and seriously cannot wait! I’m so excited, I’ve started buying things ready for the holiday, like my sleeping bag and just stuff I need to go, that obviously wont perish for a while!

I’m staring my journal now, so I can share my experiences of preparing! At the moment, I’m quite a big girl, and not the fittest in the world, so I’m starting to build up my fitness and hopefully loose weight before I go! So I shall update on here me thinks!

So, 28 weeks to go!

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