Where on Earth are Caro and Fer? travel blog

Caro n Notre Dame

Notre Dame

notre dame 2

Nazi Headquarters in Paris

The Louvre

Louvre (museum) 2

Louvre part 3

Caro and a French guy she met at the Louvre

Teotihuacan vs. Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Shot 1

Eiffel Tower Shot 2

Eiffel Tower Shot 3

Our Private Limo (the metro)

Moulin Rouge bldg

Mont Martre Tour (rich area in Paris)

Mont Martre 2

Mont Martre 3

Iglesia/Church Sagrada Familia (Mont Matre)

More Mont Martre Madness...

Mont Martre

Mont Martre

View of the Church from the bottom of the Hill

Bar with some peeps we met at the Tour (Mexicanos y Española)

Welcome to Paris...

City of Paris


Street where Massacre occured (Catholics vs. Protestants)

More of the wonderful city

Paris again...

Sorry we didnt get to write but it was either we ate food or we used the internet since Paris is extremely expensive. But since we are in Germany now and things are cheaper we are taking advantage of the internet and updating u guys on our trip.

hola ke tal como estan? bueno pues antes ke nada Paris es una ciudad hermosa limpia y super pero super CARA. no la hemos pasado comiendo birote (bolillo) tipo torta todos los dias porke esta mas bara.

cuando llegamos a francia nos toko kedarnos en un lugar super apestoso y era un hotel de prostis creo yo. pero no teniamos en donde kedarnos ya ke eran las 12 de la noche cuando llegamos y nuestro tren salia a las 6am la proxima salida. no podia ni dormir. el cuarto tenia un lavamanos y una regadera pero no tenia toilet. la cortina de baño esta llena de mugre como ke tenia varias a­ños ke no la cambiaban.

Todo Paris esta bonito pero cuando uno anda corto de dinero mas bien porke estan las cosas casi el triple del costo ke en casa pues les dire ke no se aprecian tanto las cosas.

bueno ahy los dejo.

translation for the peeps who dont know my language,

We got to France at 12am midnight and unfortunately we had to stay in a sorry hotel that smelled and was really old. since it was late we had no other option but to stay here.

We got to Paris and it was beautiful but expensive. All we ate were Kebabs and Falafos since again this is the cheapest food we could find. everything here is 3 times the price at home.

Hope u guys like the picts.


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