Baltic Europe 2009 travel blog

arriving in Göteborg harbor

old sailing ship

the old town

art museum


Stig & his sailboat

leaving the dock

out sailing

view from the summerhouse

I've had a relaxing last few days in Göteborg, hanging out with Stig and not doing much else. He's been busy with work, which was good as it gave me a chance to get some work done too, as well as do a bit of exploring on my own. After finishing 2 weeks of research in Denmark, running from one tourist site to the next, I wasn't really into seeing a bunch of museums or tourist areas. Instead, I just walked around the central part of town, going to cafes and hanging out. We took Stig's sailboat out Sunday and had a relaxing day sailing around the islands. Usually in the evening, we went to dinner and out for a drink at a local cafe.

Göteborg is a very blue, collar, industrial town. It doesn't have the architecture or beauty that Stockholm does, but the oldest part of town is nice, and the area where Stig lives is filled with cafes and blocks of elegant, 200 year old, apartment buildings. It's a big university town, so there are lot's of students and quite a few restaurants and coffee shops (I think there are nearly as many coffee shops as in Seattle). Swedes drink a lot of coffee, and it's pretty good coffee. They don't have Starbucks here, but there a several local versions. The Swedish coffee break is called "Fika" - not to be confused with a "ficke" or pocket. Fika is prounced "feee-kuh", while ficke is prounced "feeka" (kind of hard to tell the difference. I guess you can't Fika if you don't have any money in your ficke. The Swedes love their fika, and they fika every chance they get. Typically, they fika between breakfast and lunch and then again in the afternoon. It consists of having a coffee with a sweet bun called a 'bulle' - usually a cinnamon bun (less gooey than our cinnamon rolls), but there are other types as well. All are quite tasty and none are low-calorie. Today is gray and rainy as I head to Stockholm, so it's time to head to the restaurant car and fika.

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