Bo & Judy's Trip to North Dakota travel blog

We left late this morning as we had so few miles to travel and we could not check until afternoon. After traveling a BIG 38 miles we checked into Wheelers RVP around 12:30pm. It is located in Baraboo, WI just a little ways outside of Madison, WI. This campground is really nice, but we can’t get any TV stations and no internet. After getting set up we went to Culver’s and I had a hamburger, fries & drink and Bo had fresh fried chicken. After we left Culver’s we stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up bread, etc and Bo decided to have them check the battery in our truck as it has been hesitating in the cool mornings. After they checked it we decided to have the batteries replaced, but Wal-Mart didn’t have 2 of that size, so guess we’ll wait till we go to another Wal-Mart. The tech at Wal-Mart said that the ones we have will probably be ok until we hit really cold weather. So we have a little time. We plan to go hiking tomorrow at Devils Lake State Park, so this afternoon we drove around the area. Got lost, but that’s nothing new. Later we had a camp fire and cooked a few hot dogs.

Starting Mileage = 103,574 Miles Traveled = 38

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