DJ's East Coast Adventure 2009 travel blog

Basswood Island - bears swim from mainland to this island, then from...

Devils Island sea caves undercut the shoreline

Delicate cave structure

Seacaves are 65 to 70 feet deep, best explored by a kayak

Ice, wind, and unrelenting lake waves have carved the billion-year-old sandstone

Raspberry Island lightstation, first operated in 1864, fog signal is brick building...

Lake at our campsite in Iron River

Misnamed by French missionaries who thought these islands numbered twelve instead of twenty-two, the heavily forested Apostle Islands begin just a mile off the Lake Superior coastline and spread out over 600 square miles. Only one island is residential, the rest belong to the National Seashore, an area of unspoiled wilderness in spring-fed Lake Superior, the largest, deepest, coldest, and most pristine.

About half of the islands have docks, most have a few camping sites, several have rangers or volunteers that spend the summer on an island. They are reached by private power boats, kayaks, or hired boat transportation to provide primitive recreation experiences.

Hermit Island had a sandstone quarry in 1858 and provided most of the stone used to rebuild Chicago after the fire. Sandstone had a 7 story limit. The business collapsed in 1901 with the introduction of concrete allowing for taller structures.

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