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Headed out for a day on the red sea, where the group snorkled on the reef. I again enjoyed a peaceful day sleeping and relaxing. The guys told me the water was extremely salty. Knee-high didn't go in, those of you who know me, know I don't really like the water....

After that we spent another 6 hours back on the bus to Cairo.

Let me tell you about of the girls, Bobby (Canadian) who we have decided she should be dick of the day for the rest of the journey.

Our Egyptian guide calls her indian barbie (cause of her looks) we call her all boobs no brains.. harsh I know but she does delay our trips and inconveniences the group because of her selfless acts.

When we arrived in Greece Airport we were all told to stay together so we could be issued our tickets and drop bags and be given our further instructions. She decided to walk off and go shopping for luggage.... so we waited until she returned.

At the valley of the kings, our guides had told us specially no photos in the tombs. It also indicates this at the entrance of the tombs. Our guide told us he had another tourist a month ago, who decided to take a photo and she was arrested, fined 400US and the memory card deleted. Now Bobby was sitting next to the guide in the bus, and well clearly she listened as she took two photos in one of Ramses tombs and got caught. We saw it unfold, the police took her camera and tried to delete her picks, and was then escorted up to top of the tomb, she was lucky enough to pay the police man 40 Egyptian pounds and delete the pics. A very lucky girl. Our guide said had she had reached the top of the tomb she would have been arrested and we would have been stuck in Luxor for hours. Her excuse was she said she didn't hear him say we couldn't take photos, blind and deaf barbie!!!!

Last but not least, she decided to make some international calls to her boyfriend from the hotel phone, again I seem to be in the right place at the right time with her and got the full story of her abusing the hotel staff because she owed 300US in phone charges. She was disputing the length of calls etc..so we held the bus up some 30 min from the cruise and because she refused to pay the bill we left her and headed to the cruise. She apparently reached an agreement on payment and the cruise was held up another 30 min whilst she caught a taxi to the boat. So we the group gave her silent treatment for the day.

The tour is only half way there, and our contiki guide can't wait to get rid of her, and most of the bus. This only the half of what she's been upto, but the above has had us all fired up so I had to write about it.

On the husband front, us girls are looking after dodge, well and safe to say no divorce......Bit about dodge, he's a country boy from NSW, and has a real talent for art, he sits and draws/paints all of where we have been. I love his work and I'm hoping to pay him for a piece. When we where in Venice we sat with him whilst he painted the streets. So many people stopped and took photos of him and the work. Dodge is a amazing artist, searching for his true love, he hoped to find her in Italy but no luck....not sure where he's going to look now... keep you posted on Dodge.

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