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okay culture shock, what the heck! I thought all spanish people spoke spanish, but it turns out that there is a dialect "Catalan" people speak in Barcelona. HMMM it sounds like a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish, & Italian with spit coming out of their mouth.

Fer and I have been stuffing ourselves with Turkish "Kebabs n Falafels" cheap and good!!

We decided to leave the first hostel, a private family estate from 1907. It was very nice but quite a way from the city itself, not to mention it had no A.C. and no fans in the rooms and with this heat and humidity it was unbearable. We´ve moved to a hostel in the center of Las Ramblas with a balcony that looks out to Plaza Real and is also walking distance to the beach. Which is where we´re headed as soon as we finish this email =)

Since it´s the first time we post pics, we´re not sure if we have an option to describe them later so just in case we´ll let you know what they are here:

1. Caro huggin on Dali´s Huevote

2. Free shot from STEVE, i remembered him from 3 years ago and said hi. He gave us free shots =)

3. Our bunks and packs as we´re ready to leave the old house

4. Entrance to the 1907 house.

5. Us leaving the hostel.

6. Walking to the Metro (Caro´s the one on the left, with the TINY pack)

7. View from the balcony of our new hostel

8. Caro salivating (check out the drool on her mouth) as we get breakfast.

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