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Frederiksborg Castle


entrance to the castle

the moat

fountain statue

the audience hall

royal chapel

castle gardens

castle gardens

This was my last day trip out of Copenhagen, first to the town of Hillerod, home of Frederiksborg Castle, then on to the tiny town of Humelbaek, and the Louisiana Modern art museum. It was a pretty full day and I did a whole lot of walking.

Frederiksborg is said to be "the grandest castle in all Scandinavia" and sometimes referred to as the Danish Versailles. While it's nowhere near as big, it certainly is over the top just like Versailles. The interior rooms are filled with ornate furniture, paintings and sculpture. It was interesting, but after touring all these castles, they all start to look the same. Behind the castle are some beautiful gardens. After I looked through the castle, I walked into town, bought a sandwich, and went back to the garden to eat lunch.

My next stop was Louisiana, Denmark's modern art museum. It's built right on the edge of the sea, with some incredible views over the Baltic. They currently have a fascinating exhibit called "Green Architecture for the Future" and highlights various building methods and concepts for future, sustainable development. They showed details of a Copenhagen office building which used zero energy and emits zero CO2 emissions. It harnesses wind and solar power to generate electricity, uses heat from the machinery and computer servers to heat the building in the winter and wind and seawater to cool it in summer. It was pretty amazing. The Danes are on the forefront of alternative energy sources and use windmills and solar power to generate much of their countries electricity. In fact, the island of Aero, where I'm headed next, has the world's largest solar panel, which generates over half the islands energy. Check out the museums website for more info. on this exhibit if your interested:

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