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Finally in Borneo, well one small part of it anyhow. Its always been a dream just to set foot in Borneo and I'm only here for a short time so better make the most of it.

Got picked up and taken to my hostel. The Beach Lodge wasn't exactly what I expected. Up through three floors of pee stenching staircases. Mmh nice start! The hostel was pretty basic which was ok, but there were only a few backpackers and a couple of locals.

Had a sleep straight away as was so tired after not really sleeping the night before! So hot here, but at least theres aircon.

Later in the evening I had a walk round the town, wasnt exaclty impressed with the place. KK is the capital of Sabah state and I was expecting a bit more of a city. The streets were dirty, sewers smell surfaced onto the streets, and giant flesh grazed rats strolled along the streets. Did'nt feel too safe after dark as the streets emptied of people and became quite erie. There were'nt many westerns and the stares were back!

Luckily I was tired and had an early night, after an few hours on the internet of course.

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