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A tribute to the Catholic Congress of 1414 with Royalty, the Pope...

A Konstanz garden. Tanya can find at least one in every city!

A view of Konstanz across the River Rhein

Many buildings in Konstanz had Frescos painted on them

Meersburg, Germany. Tourists, a castle and the Rode family.

Holger Rode, our tour guide and fellow teacher back home.

Meersburg, a seaside resort overlooking Konstanz and Switzerland in background.

The drawbridge to Meersburg Castle.

Alyssa and Chaelle have enjoyed a growing spurt this trip... really!

Yet another hot day, castle and picture. How many more can they...

Meersburg-Konsanz ferry we took over Lake Constanse (Bodensee Lake) - view from...

View of Meersburg from castle, including grape fields for wine.

Meersburg Castle (oldest castle still inhabited)

Yet still smiling as we return to Konstanz and then home on...


We left for Konstanz, Germany (on border of Switzerland and Germany at Lake Bodensee) in the morning only 26 km from Winterthur. Walked through Konstanz admiring yet more churches, Fresco Paintings on buildings, and the lakeside. A large rotating statue on waterfront reminds us of the 1414 Catholic Congress held in Konstanz. The background story from locals (who shall remain namedless due to possible religious persecution) behind statue , which was not in tourist guide, told the true story... The Congress of Catholic leaders and royalty met in Konstanz to discuss the important issues of the day, and oddly enough many young "friendly and serving" exotic ladies also arrived in Konstanz. Can you believe the amazing coincidence? The statue depicts the a royal king in one hand and the Pope in the other. I'll let you infer the rest of the meaning behind the statue...

We then took a ferry across Bodensee Lake to Meersburg, and met Holger Rode and family (a previous teacher at our school). Holger toured us around Meersburg and provided invaluable input on beer selection and castle tour translation. After a pizza dinner and a swim in the lake we said goodbye and headed back on the ferry and through the Swiss border to home.

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