Margerm Europe 2009 travel blog

Another church in St. Gallen.

St. Gallen church



Appears Alyssa is more interested in taller boys

Cantilevered windows of St. Gallen

The Wald Egg restaurant in the Alps for lunch. Notice the half-litre...

The farm at the Wald Egg - just like home. Girls want...

Back to school at the Wald Egg farm. looks like a place...

Candy store anyone.

Alyssa managed to find some piglets...


Traditional Alpenzell

Many businesses hang picture signs describing purpose

Ventured off to St. Gallen (about 60 km east of Winterthur) where Nicole will be going to university. Visited another amazing church/old monastery complex. Walked around old town with many cantilevered windows and coloured buildings. Drove off into a mountain pass to have lunch at Wald Egg restaurant/farm. Great traditional lunch with beer and pop and animals to visit afterwards. The girls were in heaven. Apparently now we need a donkey... does it ever end? Wald Egg had a small museum with examples of old store, school, etc. We then headed off to the town of Appenzeller. This is a traditional region located in the mountains, famous for cakes and cookies.

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