Margerm Europe 2009 travel blog

Cycling and rollerblading to grandparents 15 km away.

yet another corn field with a colourful creature



yet another Swiss woodpile


Winterthur castle for a classical concert

An evening 16th century Spanish classical concert in Winterthur's castle



We relaxed for the morning and then headed over to grandparents house in the next village for a visit, cake and ice cream. We biked and Nicole and Corinne rollerbladed the 15 km each way. Burn 500 calories and then put it back on with cake and ice cream... Then Felix and Judith took us to a 16th century classical concert in the courtyard of Winterthur's medieval castle for the evening. It was 8 musicians including a wooden recorder, spanish guitar, harp, percussion, alto sax, cello, soprano and tenor singers. The played for two hours and was a great end to the day.

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