Margerm Europe 2009 travel blog

Felix's new tunnel to open November 2009 (5 km long)

Felix & his admirers getting the inside tour.

Underground walkways in tunnel (#8 on top ten things you never see...

safety exit humour?

Zurich Zoo



Male penguin - notice egg at male's feet


reminds me of home...?

It is too warm in rain forest room so take the *%&?...



Orangutang born 1967 (same as Dave though with slightly more hair...)





Teaching Corinne about how to make Canadian "smores" and "she liked"

We headed off with Felix for a quick tour of his new tunnel systems, must be a boy thing, but the girls were patient and understanding. A new 5 km tunnel is opening in November. So we got a tour of the main admin centre for Zurich highways. A large wall map with TV's to monitor 642 cameras. I learned you have to be careful what you do in cars as pretty much all highways around Zurich and under video surveillance... Felix also took us into the new tunnel and walked us around the back-tunnels. Not something you see everyday and probably never will. We then headed off to the Zurich Zoo for the afternoon. Interesting zoo with many forms of animals. Alyssa gave in and got a stuffed animals... After a BBQ at home we introduced the Muff's to roasting Smoors over the BBQ - Corinne was quite taken with marshmellows, chocolate and cookies!

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