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Feeding the lizards




Exploring around the island

A big slice of papaya

Today we took a boat to Sapi, an island off KK in the Tunku Marine park. Since we arrived in Borneo we have wanted to see monitor lizards but so far had seen none. We heard this island had them. Shortly after we arrived on the island we noticed a group of people at the back of the beach where the forest started. We went over and finally, we saw our monitor lizards! They're huge - kind of crocodile-looking with a forked tongue. A restaurant on the island was grilling in the back and one of the guys came over and offered us some bones to feed the lizards. We fed them on a stick but once the meat and bone was gone they kept creeping toward us flicking their tongues - yes, we can say we've been licked by a monitor lizard!

We spent the rest of the day snorkeling, enjoying a picnic lunch we brought with us and walking the trail around the island.

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