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Kuata sunset

More sunset

Us in front of the sunset

The weather took a wee turn for the worse in the second part of the week so not too much sun bathing going on but still managed to squeeze in plenty chilling-out.

We spent Wednesday and Thursday night on a wee island called Kuata, in the south of the Yasawa group of islands (you can have a wee look at the Fiji map on the homepage if you want to see where it is).

The island is pretty rocky with only a wee bit of beach so you can't really walk round it but we canoed round it in about an hour, so it's fairly small.

The place where we were staying on the island was run by people who live in the village on the island. There was a couple of dorms, where we stayed, and loads of 'bures', traditional Fijian huts.

On the first day we did a bit of snorkelling off the beach and tried to get a wee bit of sun between the torrential rain showers. After dinner we were treated to the Fijian 'Bula dance' and then were made to get up and give it a go ourselves. It was a bit Macarena-like but with less moves. After that we had a Fiji-style congo then a game of musical statues. It was all good fun but it's amazing how competitive you can get playing a kiddies game! After all that activity in the Fiji temperatures we had a well deserved break and met some Irish folk (in return for their hits to the website they get their names mentioned here, the lucky things...Martha, Eileen, Niall & Cillian) and had a bit of craic with them.

The next day we had our canoeing adventure. Our "guide" was a wee boy disguised as a grown man. He just kept going off and playing with the waves and rocks, singing himself wee songs and making the occasional dog noise. He seemed to enjoy himself, anyway. Our fellow canoeist was an Austrian guy called Michael who has never seen the Sound of Music! We sang him loads of the songs but he denied all knowledge. He promises us he'll see the film now.

The weather was pretty crappy for the rest of the day. Sophie and I treated ourselves to a massage from one of the local ladies. It was more of a pour-oil-on-you-and-rub-it-in than a massage. We managed to get most of the oil off in the island's cold showers but we could still smell it all day. We think it was probably cooking oil with a hint of coconut. Well, it was cheap...

We tried our hand at weaving and have some lovely palm leaf bracelets to show for our efforts. The rest of the day was spent trying to avoid the rain and feeling constantly damp.

That evening we had a massive game of cards with our Irish buddies and some new folk. More good craic.

The next morning we went out snorkelling. The boat took us out to "SHARK POINT". Anyone who knows Sophie will know what an achievement this was for her, to get into water knowing there will be sharks! She did try to hold Emma's hand when they first got out the boat but Emma was having none of it. She just had to suck it up and did so admirably.

After all the anticipation, and Sophie's regular frantic looks around, we were actually pretty disappointed when the "friendly reef sharks" didn't appear.

More sheltering from the rain follwed lunch then it was time to catch our boat back to Nadi.

When we arrived back at our hostel we met some Swedish guys who had been there when we left. One of them had Emma's Boost bottle. You may not know the Boost juice story but suffice to say the bottle is very precious to Emma and she believed she had seen the last of it after losing it a few days before. Luckily the Swedes had found it. We think they were actually trying to keep it for themselves. I think not! We found them and claimed it back.

Saturday we spent hanging about with the Swedes, who were also flying out that night. We relaxed by the pool, played a bit of table tennis and had a wee excursion into town before going for our flight.

A wee bit of drama when our flight had been changed to 2 hrs earlier than we expected and because of some "weather" (was all they'd tell us) there were weight restrictions on the aircraft. Luckily we were there in plenty time and caught the flight anyway and the "weather" didn't give us too much bother.

Take care y'all. We'll write again soon.

Lots of love,

Emma & Sophie


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