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The Ragola and Felix twin tower Cathedral

The riverfront in Zurich

river crossing in Zurich

Check out the cute little bay windows they cantilever off the buildings...

The Felix and Regula Cathedral - local legend says two children had...

Government offices on the bridge

Getting ready for Swiss Day

Zurich has decorated pots this year - just like the eagles in...

Off to the beach for the afternoon

Look what we caught!

C'mon Dave we want to go swimming

Ahhh! The beach.

Water slides at Lake Zurich

Hello Canada!

Just one more time!

Felix presented a great plan for the day. He said I write in my journal 'holiday.' We woke up to the sun shining and a road trip to Zurich. We managed to almost make Felix's office on time, maybe the Swiss punctuality will rub off on us. Felix had a fun packed day planned for us. We walked around the old town near his office. Looking at the beautiful Swiss architecture, the house Lenin stayed in and unusual window boxes. These flowers ranged from sunflowers to a healthy crop of cannibas. Of course when Felix pointed out the various crops I missed the cash crop as I was checking out the sunflowers. On the other side of the river we walked along a road called Bahnhofstrasse. Lots of Gucci, Chanel, Louis V. and plenty of darkly clad security guards. I figured I would need a second husband to afford to shop along this street. But it was super fun to window shop. It was nothing out of the ordinary to see 30 000 dollar price tags in the windows. And those were the cheaper shops the other shops didn't need to show price tags. Chaelle showed her Daddy just the diamonds she would like. After walking around both sides of the old town we went to 'catch a bike.' In Zurich they have system of free bikes that you can borrow to ride around the city. Felix wangled six bikes out of one of the bike stations and we were off to our first city bike trip in a foreign country. Luckily we just followed Felix and Nicole. We were busy watching out for tram tracks, traffic and following various bike lanes. Alyssa was a little nervous the first time around but all did very well. At least none of us were injured or honked at! We rode our bikes a little out of town to the lake beaches. Now beaches in Switzerland are beautifully manicured lawns along the lakeside. At least this one was. The water was cool and wonderful as the afternoon temp soared to a balmy plus 30. Nothing for us after our visit to Italy but still worthy of a swim. The girls also found a nice waterslide. Judith met us at the lake and joined in the fun after work. After we had enough fun in the sun we headed back on our bikes. We were practically experts by this point and made it back in no time. Once again we made a few stops at the shops for David who was searching for the perfect Swiss watch. And...yeah...he and Felix were successful. Felix even talked the gal at the counter into a new battery for Dave. Now Dave is sure to always be on time with his new and deluxe Swiss watch. Then we made a quick stop in a fine foods shop to see if they carried turkey. We are hoping that we can have a Canadian Christmas dinner before we leave. Well to our great luck they said absolutely we can have one in in three days from South America. Felix inquired how much and the clerk replied only 21 dollars per kg. With that in mind we headed back to Winterthur in hopes of finding a more local bird!!

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