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The promenade to Luzern

Check out these great swans...Oh yes and the famous bridge of Luzern

Looking out from the fortress wall over Luzern

Yes we climbed another tower and looked down over the river in...

What a waterfront

The Luzern Bridge..which was built in 1100 and burned down in 1993...

There are four walking bridges across the river with great views out...

Check out the Italian leather!

Alyssa is one tall girl...or the medieval men are a little tiny

Our illustrious tour guide

One of the very many clock towers

We left for Luzern after a relaxed "Canadian" start - to Nicole's chagrin. Now affectionately known as "late Canadian time..." We drove for about 1.5 hours through "Felix's Tunnel" (Nicole's dad is head of Zurich municipality civil engineering dept. and consequently organizes the building of tunnels etc.) It was spankin new 4.8 km tunnel with all the bells and whistles that opened in April 2009. It took 25 years to finish - from conception to completion. I know you are thinking that the Swiss unions have obviously surpassed our "time-sensitive" Canadian highways construction unions, but no... Felix says most of time was spent on political "discussion and compromise" (you have to just imagine the Swiss accent and eye rolling".) What is he saying? "talk until the cows come home..." obviously a Swiss saying, and I don't have to tell you how many cows Sitzerland has. The Swiss do know how to build tunnels though! Anyways, we finally made it to Luzern (probably took the same amount of time as this journal entry so far...), after several construction delays - as all Europe's highways are under construction (not that I am bitter)- and found an old city on the end of a beautiful lake overlooking picturesque mountains and cows, with pay parking, expensive "castle-like" hotels, a massive train station with pay bathrooms that you have to sell your child to pay for (or 2 SwFr depending on how well I was getting along with my tired, hot, ice-cream consuming teenagers) historical bridges, stone walls and towers (with 298 stairs that defy every building code in North America), gelato ice cream stores, swans, and more Toblerone chocolate than you can shake an alpenhorn at. (seems to be a standard blueprint for lovely Swiss towns...) Anyways, walked lots, laughed, cried, sweated, had a picnic lunch over river, took pictures of buildings that were being built 500 years before Europeans travelled to North America, got a few post cards, and drove home to Swiss beer and wine. Another amazing Swiss day.


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