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Sat. 25th July 2009 Weather:-Beautiful and sunny

The early morning was spent at Micky’s Cafe’ so that I could get yesterday’s entry on the journal. Ron had gone surfing and Jayga and Ally had left for work so Herman, Larissa and I decided walking to the Rocks area of Sydney would be a nice thing to do today as we had the perfect weather for it. I never get bored with walking around this city as it is very diverse. In our travels we called in to a hotel in Kings Cross to see if we could book a Harbour View Room for a few nights around New Years Eve (to see the spectacular fireworks display that I always enjoy) and they almost laughed at us—Too late—all rooms booked at least 6 months ago. You have to be early around here; the hotels on the Harbour front are scandalously dear, certainly not in our price bracket, especially around New Years Eve when the prices are at a premium. I will see what I can do when we get back home. The old cafes that I used to haunt in my youth are no longer there; ‘Sweethearts’ (breakfast time) that had moved from one side of the road to the other when the Berkley Hotel burned down has completely disappeared now. The ‘Aristocrat Coffee Lounge’ our afternoon meeting place is no longer there, and the ‘Three O’ is fondly remembered for we could enjoy a Jamaican or Irish coffee there in the evenings. I remember we also sat there one night timing a lady of the night--working from a doorway across the road---how could her business activities be possible in the short time span that she was away—we never found out and now I do not want to know. That was the Kings Cross of yesteryear.

Down we walked along Maclay Street through to Woolloomooloo and past ‘Harry de Wheels’s (pie cart) that has been close to the Naval Dockyard gate for all my time in Australia, then on through the Sydney Botanic Gardens and past the Opera House. It all looked very majestic in the winter sunshine; this is my favourite time of year around here as I find it too hot and sticky in Sydney in the summer time. To each his own--as the saying goes—other people love the heat. Circular Quay is far removed from the tin sheds that greeted us when we landed in Australia in 1954 and now it is an interesting place to watch people from; there are always an array of buskers plying their trade and just to sit and watch the goings on in the harbour whiles away some tranquil hours. A walk past all the ferry terminals took us to ‘The Rocks’ the area first settled by the early British convicts and their keepers. It is now a popular tourist destination and eating place for most of the locals with restaurants and cafes serving food from all corners of the globe including some serving ‘bush tucker’. The plan was to walk across the Harbour Bridge at road level (free) which for me is as good as walking over the Span (expensive) but we ran out of time for we needed to make tracks to get back to Larissa’s place to pick up the car to drive to Scott and Amanda’s house.

Scott is a trainee manager for K-Mart at the moment and he had to work long hours this week-end which evens out with his shorter hours next week so he did not get home until just before 8pm at night. Herman and I went to their place late afternoon to acquaint ourselves with our grand-daughters. I had seen Gianna only once when we took them to the Sydney Zoo over Easter last year so this was the first time that we had seen baby Claire who is now 10 months old. The two little darlings were very shy as they do not see many people it seems, their parents are planning to move to Hobart in about November so the next time we see them will be in Tasmania.

The next bit of fun was had when approaching the Harbour Bridge—most Sydney-siders who drive in that area have E-tags on their cars to pay for the tolls for using the bridge and Harbour tunnel and the toll roads around the state (no toll roads in South Australia). We found ourselves in a lane that we could not get out of that took us through the tunnel to the other side—‘No Cash-E-tags only’ the sign said ‘$200 penalty-48 hours to pay’ all for $2-50. Good we can get some of our own back for we disturbed the kids, Larissa and Ron, caused a bit of havoc—what do we do now? Was the question we asked them—the tables are finally turned—we are now the kids.

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