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Diehard fishermen

Tillamook Air Museum

Hangar entrance



Time for lunch

What's left of Hangar "A"



Even the baby was impressed with the size of the trees!







Fog is rolling in

Pacific City beach

Dory fishing boat

View on the way home

Actually we reversed the order of our itinerary today because ,when we went to the beach at our campground this morning ,the fog was pretty intense. There were two guys trying their best to catch some fish and the kids from New Jersey who thought they would get in some good surfing . They ended up packing it in.

Hoping that the afternoon would be better for a scenic drive, we went to the Tillamook Air Museum first. What a pleasant surprise this place was. The museum is housed in a WWII blimp hangar -one of the largest wooden structures in the world. Two hangars were built but one was destroyed by fire in 1992 - all that is left are the four concrete pillars. Since 1994 Hangar "B" has housed one of the finest ( over 40!) collections of privately owned WWII aircraft in the country. We saw a film about how the hangar was constructed and about the blimps. The exhibits inside and out are wonderful. It was a really interesting place to visit ( and lunch was pretty good too!).

As we headed out of Tillamook for Cape Meares, Tom and I couldn't help but comment on just how green everything is here. The dark green trees and the lush green pastures are simply "brilliant" as my British friends would say. The tons of cows all over the place belong to the owners ( a coop of dairy farmers) of the Tillamook Cheese Co. I guess you need tons of cows to make 78,000,000 pounds of cheese per year!

Luckily, the views from Cape Meares were very clear. We had a wonderful view of the cliffs and beaches from the lighthouse overlook. A short walk through a gorgeous stand of trees led us to the Octopus Tree. We spent quite a bit of time there relishing the surroundings .

We continued on the scenic route to Cape Lookout - a beautiful spot but unfortunately for us it was socked in with fog.

Down the road we passed some clammers who were being well rewarded for their efforts. Just a short while after that we went by a sand "lake" . It's just amazing what there is to see!

Back in the car and off to Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City. This is home to the famous dory fishing boat fleet. - No fishing today. We were so disappointed. We really wanted to see these fishing boats and there were none in the water or on the beach. We stopped in the beach pub/restaurant and asked the bartender where the boats were kept. He said that years ago the fishermen always left their boats on the beach after the day of fishing but because of vandalism they now trailer them in and out everyday. Since the fog was bad today they didn't go out.

We decided to come home a different way and as luck would have it we passed the home of one of the dory fisherman. His boat, on the trailer, was in his yard so we stopped to take a look and a picture.

We could actually feel the mist in the air from the fog . No more sightseeing- time to get home. There were so many fruit and veggie stands on the way ( one advertising fresh artichokes - yum!) but it was 6:30 and they were all closed. Finally got on 101 which is faster but not nearly as pretty.

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