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We biked Portland today to make an easy day after our long day yesterday. We followed the Willamette River crossing it via a bridge and traveled northwest about six and a half miles. We then crossed another bridge and followed the river back to our origination another six and a half miles southeast. The temperature was in the mid 80's but the breeze off the river helped a lot. We covered the downtown Portland waterfront areas we had kayaked past a few days earlier. This gave us a full perspective of the area. The beauty is reflected in the pictures. We had good training in dealing with all kinds of traffic and mastered the many hill climbs and bridge crossings. The bridge crossings are the hardest-narrow pathway and pedestrian and oncoming bike traffic.Sometimes it was like Mr. Toads wild ride! We did have a good time. We then had a nice shopping experience at REI and also at the 23rd avenue shops of Portland-the so-called Pearl Area. We ate at Papa Haydn's other restaurant and again had fabulous meals. We had skewered shrimp and arugula salad. Bill had swordfish. Bill and I shared a fabulous raspberry chocolate torte while the ladies shopped.

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