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Arriving at the Island - behind Ken is the ferry we came...

This is the glass bottomed boat

View of the fish from the boat - hard taking photos through...



Heading into the facility area

View of the beach from where we were snorkelling




A girl just has to do a bit of window shopping





Gosh - finding it hard to find the time to catch up on the blog these days now that we are working. Now what have we done since the last one?

Had our day on Green Island and it was just awesome. Bit expensive to get over there (even dearer than Rottnest) but once you get there it is like an island paradise. The price of the ferry trip over included a trip on their glass bottomed boat and that was pretty spectacular. Have been on these boats before but this was definitely the best viewing I have ever had - even saw a Nemo! This is one trip we will definitely have to take Mum on. We then hired a locker to keep all our gear safe whilst swimming then off we went to have a snorkel. Ken has not done any snorkelling before but he did really well. There was lots to see but the only downside was that the depth of the water was so shallow - and kept getting even more so due to the receding tide - that after about 30 minutes in the water we had to come out as we were too close to the coral - I am talking inches!! I took loads of photos with my underwater camera but unfortunately they did not really work out - just a couple which I have put up. I will have to do a lot more practising. It is hard taking photos as you are drifting. We then wandered to where all the facilities were which included a swimming pool surrounded by lazy boys and enjoyed our lunch and a coffee. I checked out the couple of shops (well I am a girl after all but I didn't buy anything!!) then we went on the boardwalk through the rain forest to the other side of the island. We then came back via the beach, collected the snorkelling gear again and I had another go at snorkelling at a different spot but alas the water was just too shallow again. Quite disappointed about this but still had a fantastic day and looking forward to coming back again one day.

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