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Somewhere in the last few days mild apprehension has been replaced by absolute panic about what we are about to attempt. The reality has set in now that we are counting down the last few days.

We are down in Culburra at the moment and have managed to successfully get the van out of the back yard. Easier said than done, when you consider it needed to be done just after dark in the middle of a downpour. If we hadn’t got it out then we would have needed to float it out in the next couple of weeks.

For me towing in perfect conditions is still a worry. Apart from some… err ….. ‘landscaping’ of the front lawn with the underside of the van. No one saw it, it was dark!!!

The van is now registered, powered up and ready to go. Alison has loaded up the fridge with Pepsi cans so departure must be imminent.

Tomorrow we start the drive with the two hour run back to Sydney. I am estimating it will take more like 3 hours as we get used to ‘the rig’. Coming back over Mt Ousley will be the test. If I can’t manage that there is a good chance there will be an “as new, used once caravan” on Ebay by tomorrow night.

We are looking at heading out of Sydney on Tuesday, first stop – Cessnock. What better way to start the trip that in the middle of a wine region???? We are starting off with a couple of bottles from our favourite South Coast winery, Silo’s Estate, that we picked up today. Thanks Raj, please pass on our best to Sophie and Zoe.

The next update will be from the road so wish us luck and I will be back in touch soon. Remember you can leave us a message via the website or our current e-mails.

Talk soon,

Alison, Andrew, Evan and Aaron…….Aaron is doing the typing

P.S. It would be remiss of me not to mention the Bombers win over Sydney last weekend (sorry Al). I have updated the front picture with a picture of my favourite two “little bombers”.

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