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Thats the Oparara Arch folks....

....and this is a view under the arch....

....and you've guessed it looking out from under the arch. I see...

The Mirror Tarn without its famous relection but with rain instead.

Welcome to the Moria Gate Arch....

....and the view from underneath the arch.

The walk to the Moria Gate Arch went through some native moss...

....and ferns were prevalent as well.

It rained a lot last night and was still going strong the next morning, but after getting a little frustrated at the wait decided to carry on regardless. Once again I had the track to myself and I paid a visit to the Oparara Arch, the largest of the two arches in the reserve and more of a tunnel in my opinion. High and long it certainly is and definitely worth a look, and then it was on towards the smaller Moria Gate Arch which lives up to its name and is a natural bridge as much as anything else. The walk through the forest to get there was rewarding, the moss laden trees for which the parks of NZ are famous it has to be said are, erm, very Tolkeinesque - how could those films have been made anywhere else?

The walking around took the rest of the morning and then I headed back down highway 6 for a rendevouz with the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers.

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