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Simply gorgeous even on a cloudy day!

Scenic is the right word for this area


Vista House - visitor center on ther gorge


Latourell Falls

Shepperd's Dell

View from path

Pathway to the falls


On to the next waterfall


Bridal Veil Falls

View from overlook

Up the trail we go

Wahkeena Falls

Multnomah Falls

Susie- our guide-picking a thimbleberry for us to taste

A thimbleberry

The entrance to the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area is three quarters of mile from our campground. The weather was iffy this morning but, with the promise by the weatherman of clearing skies, we headed out to see as much as we could see .

Our first stop was Chanticleer Point . What a view! We were trying to picture Lewis and Clark with their entourage coming down the river.

The drive is so incredibly beautiful. Lush green vegetation everywhere and after last night's rain it was all just glistening. We managed to get to five of the eight major and accessible waterfalls today( there are about 200 waterfalls but some are really hidden). One was more spectacular than the next.

After a short but steep climb we got to Latourell Falls. This is categorized as a plunge waterfall and it is lovely. A mile down the road was Shepperd's Dell - a smaller tiered waterfall in a most picturesque setting. It was quite the hike at the next stop to reach Bridal Veil Falls but it was worth it. Wahkeena Falls is considered a fan fall and difficult to photograph in it's entirety, Then came the big one - Oregon's major outdoor attraction - Multnomah Falls . It is very impressive. It is America's second highest year round waterfall and fifth highest waterfall overall at 620 feet. The tiered upper and lower falls are breathtaking. The National Forest Service was offering free guided tours up to the bridge and beyond ( we declined beyond!). Susie - our escort- told us all about the plants and trees along the path ( gave us a thimbleberry to try) and also told us a story about a major rock slide that happened a few years ago. It happened just as a wedding party was being photographed on the bridge. The entire bridge and wedding party were engulfed by water when the rock hit the bottom of the falls. They have a photo on display that was provided by a person at the wedding who discovered she had captured that moment on film when her photos were developed. That was definitely a wedding day not to be forgotten by anyone in attendance!

By now we were starving so we ducked into the Multnomah Lodge for a very late lunch. The next set of waterfalls requires a bit of a hike to reach so we decided to leave that for tomorrow morning when we are fresh.

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