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chapel at The Bottle House

tavern at The Bottle House

beach on PEI

Canola field in PEI

July 13, 2009 camped over

We had a good storm last night, lots of hard rain off and on and some thunder and lightning, it must be dry up here because there were not any puddles laying around, it was still cloudy this morning when we got up but as the day rolled on the sun came out off and on. We headed out to go find the shackle Buddy needed for the trailer and we found them at an RV dealer, the guy said that they keep them in stock since it was a common thing needed around here with the roads in the shape they are in. We then drove over to O’Leary today to the Potato Museum which was interesting as they told the history of how the potato started and they had lots of antique stuff there, also they had a little kitchen and we sampled potato pancakes, potato fudge, potato drops which were cookies that they put stuff in like we had some with orange peels, and they made chocolate chip oatmeal and sugar drops, everything we sampled was good. The also had three buildings one was an old church, an old school house and and old telephone operators place. Once we left there we traveled down the coast and came buy a The Bottle Houses so we stopped to check it out and it was 3 buildings that a guy named Edouard Aresenault built out of Bottles he collected. The first one was a chapel which was built with approximately 10,000 bottles, the second one was a six gabled house built out of approximately 12,000, then the third one was a tavern with. After leaving The Bottle House we headed on back along the coast to the campground, we saw lots of potato fields on the way. Once back at the trailer Buddy put the shackles on and we decided to take a walk along the confederation trail up to a village with shops by the confederation bridge, it was probably a half hour walk there, but the weather was nice in the afternoon high 70’s.

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