Where is Tortuga? travel blog

An overlook at the Gulf of St Lawrence

Looking back at the road we traveled

We made it to the headlands, but almost lost our wigs

A view from the headlands of French Mountain

The board walk down to the end of the trail

There is a moose in there

The Cape Breton Highlands

On the Cabot trail

Pleasant Bay

Leaving cheticamp brought us to Cape Breton Highlands National Park. We had begun the Cabot Trail Route in earnest. Tortuga chugged her way up the mountains, the highest being 457 m. We chugged our way out to the headlands on the Skyline Hike and when we got to the end it was very windy. We were told that sometimes it is so windy the end of the trail overlooking the Gulf is closed. Along the trail we saw 2 moose. Despite all the signs along the road, they have been scarce. Continuing on the Cabot Trail, gave Tortuga practice going down hills, sometimes with brakes on and in 2nd gear. We were warned that if you don't have brake lining to spare, don't make the trip. No worries. Now we are at the Atlantic side of Cape Breton, half way through the Cabot Trail. The campground we are in specilizes in Oysters from Aspy Bay. We will be trying some of them tonight. I was assured they are only 4 hours from the water, so fresh is good. All the rain has made everyhting so lush, and the highlands with the peaks of green trees are beautiful to drive through. Then the sudden outlook over the water from up high is breathtaking. Lots of oohs and oh my gosh.

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