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The village of Kayzersberg

I'm watching you.....

However do they balance the nest here?

The medieval fortress above the village.

Mom's Shopping!!

I am sure Cinderella must be around the corner.

Cinderella where are you?

I love France.

Do we have to go?

Riverfront property in France.

Finally French restaurants.

A little French wine tasting.

Ahhh there she is in the top window.

Alsace Vineyards

We woke up and headed out to find a little breakfast as we approached the Boulangerie we saw a car parked askew in front of the shop. As I got closer I saw a white blob of bread dough on the windshield. On closer inspection we saw that the baker was pissed off (we think) at the parking job in front of his shop and had tucked a dough penis under the windshield wipers. The dough was rising to the occasion as the warm morning sun shone down. Late morning we hopped in the car and sped off down the highway towards Colmar. Suddenly we were leaving the rolling fields and lazy rivers and began to see our first hills with evergreen trees. There had been only deciduous up until this point. Obviously we were heading towards Switzerland/Germany as the town names ended with Berg and Heim a lot. With plans to make Switzerland by dinner we just watched the countryside go by. We passed the most beautiful villages and vineyards. We found Colmar which was our lunch destination but it looked a little more urban than we were looking for (and I wanted to nip back 10 km to the town with the stork's nest!!)so we turned around on the French round abouts and made our way back to the most beautiful French village I have ever seen Kayzersberg. It was like a scene out of Cinderella. Post and beam construction with houses of many rich colours. Not to mention storks nests balanced at the pinnacle of many a roof top (3 metres wide). We visited bakeries with a hundred (non gluten-you would love this bakery Danielle) cookies, little metal shops and craft galleries. Lunch was a typical Alsace meal of Baekhoff. That's right I have had two French meals in 24 hours! I was in heaven. We spent the afternoon looking in store windows and watching the river go past. Sadly we were still on the 'Switzerland or bust' schedule so we left late afternoon. Two hours, one strange nondescript border crossing, 30 Euros for a sticker that allowed us to drive in Switerland, and several tunnels that veered off to Schweiz or Allemagne (no wrong turns here or we would have ended up in Berlin by accident)and we arrived at Nicole's beautiful home in Winterthur. We had arrived! It was strange recognizing her home, car, bedroom and Speedy the bunny from photos.

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