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believe it or not - this is the headwaters of the Potomac...







our first view of Seneca Rocks

still waiting for his Bail-Out check







Seneca Rocks are a favorite of rock climbers
















Blackwater Falls








Too much to see and not enough time - Saturday, July 11

Today we drove 40 miles out of our way to see a little more of West Virginia before we leave it. On the way we visited touristy places like Seneca Rocks and Blackwater Falls - impressive enough but not the things we’ll remember most. The impressions that stay with us will be of simpler things - smaller rocks, and woods and bogs. Wild rhododendrons, weathered shacks. and a black bear galloping across the road.

Not a lot of money in West Virginia. You can buy a fixer upper pretty cheap. Lots of things need paint and repair here, not to mention a little TLC. This is not Virginia. Hell - these people seceded from Virginia - but given a choice between the two I would settle here. West Virginia has good vibes and I like the spirit of the place.

West Virginia is solid - three dimensional - sculptural. But wildflowers soften the impact and turn it into an Impressionist painting. Monet would have loved the flowers. Pissarro would revel in the greens. Cezanne would find mountains galore for his cubist landscapes - but who would paint the people?

Thomas Hart Benton? No - a great painter but not the right style. West Virginians deserve someone like Grant Wood. A regionalist with an eye for grit and the gift of seeing the humor in it all. Allegheny Gothic could have trumped American Gothic. Too bad he’s dead.

Soon we’ll be traveling the mid-west prairies. Pennsylvania will ease the transition but we’ll miss these mountains now, almost as much as we miss the sea. It’ll be good to hear a ‘youse’ once in a while instead of a 'y’all', and we may get far enough north to hear a 'you’uns', or a ‘Ya - you betcha’. We’ll go where the wind and the colloquialisms blow us - but wherever we go West Virginia will travel with us in our memories. And those memories will always recall a certain magic.

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