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Thje kids wrote me a poem as a surprise

my class!

Lucie (Aurelion took all these photos)

games outside

more games!



Coraline y Lucie

The days are coming to a close for me here, as I leave on Sunday night. This past week has been one of my favorites. Last weekend we welcomed a new volunteer from France named Coraline who is so sweet. She's already started teaching (French of course). On Wednesday night two backpackers from Lille, France, friends of Coraline and now friends of ours, came and stayed with us for a few days. Lucie and Aurelion explored Lima with us on our free day on Thursday and taught with us on Friday in Zone Z. I cooked lunch on Friday for everyone, with lots of help. Lucie and Aurelion painstakingly made just about the biggest fruit salad of papayas, bananas and mandarines that I have ever seen. I've had better spaghetti for sure, but it was all good in the end. They don't really have spaghetti sauce here, so we Crystal, Ana and I tried to made a paste from tomatoes and tomatoe "sauces" that we rounded up to act as a base. No one went hungry, that's for sure. Lunch was supposed to be a break for Ana who cooks for us every day, but of course Ana was in the kitchen with me the whole time. She's such a hard worker and wouldn't relax for the day! Yrma told me to cook for 20, as we invited some extra guests, but we only had 11 or 12 in the end. Lots of spaghetti left over! Oh, and about five minutes into the project I realized that we only have two knives (one big and one small) and one cutting board in the house! That was definitely an adventure.

Friday was my last day teaching in Zone Z. I'll teach in D today and tomorrow, but I had to say goodbye to most of the kids that I've come to enjoy so much. I didn't tell the kids it was my last day until the end, and a few of the kids told us to wait for a few minutes before leaving. They ran away and came back with a quickly scribbled poem, which they read to me and the group. It was sweet. It's been such a blessing to be here. Aurelion and Lucie came up to the zone and taught and played games too. Aurelion took some great photos, which I've tagged in this journel. The two of them have been traveling around the world for the past 9 months and are now headed to Bolivia. They're two of the neatest people I've ever met. For a few days, we had three Americans, four French people and two Peruvians in the house. It was so fun hearing French and having such an eclectic mix of culture. We all enjoyed our time together immensely.

I'll upload more photos from the past few days when I have a chance. My camera's broken, so I'm relying on everyone else for some great pictures!

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