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On the road to Hells Gate

The things you see

Mike calls for pizza delivery

Suprise Creek (it was!-1metre deep)

Bluey Creek Before

Bluey Creek After with fractured water fittings


Modern Mustering Methods 1

Modern Mustering Methods 2

Entering Queensland

More Queensland

Superb Road

We Arrive

The Roadhouse

More Roadhouse

Over-night Cabins & Van Park

Toilet & Shower Facilities

Sign in the facilities. Medical help has along way to come

HellsGate to next stop at Adels Grove

Our Route

HELL’S GATE ROADHOUSE: 4th July. We left Borroloola early this morning heading south east on Highway 1, still a part of The Savannah Way. After about 50 km we began to see some flowering trees, orange and white grevilleas, some smaller trees with red flowers, yellow wattles and more mauve coloured turkey bushes.

There were numerous creek and river crossings along this 315 km of road we travelled this day. It was just after we crossed the Surprise Creek which was quite wide and deep in the middle that Mike stopped to make a phone call (see photo). At the Bluey Creek crossing he stopped to take some photos which was fortunate because he noticed we were loosing water from our van tanks. Luckily he had the parts he needed to fix the break before we lost all our water but it was a wet, dirty job to do on his back on this dusty road. Further on at the Settlement Creek Crossing we saw some beautiful cattle standing upstream in the water.

It was mid-afternoon when we finally crossed into Queensland, entering the Burke Shire. We continued on another 52 km until we arrived at our destination for the night, Hell’s Gate Roadhouse.

Hell's Gate is a gap in the escarpment of the Constance Range. This range runs from south of Lawn Hill National Park across into the Northern Territory. The composition of this range is a conglomerate, formed by centuries of sedimentation settling down through water. There is some conjecture that the whole area was at one time under water. It is unclear as yet whether it was under saltwater or freshwater: both freshwater-dwelling and saltwater-dwelling fossils have been discovered in the area.

Spectacular rock formations, rich mineral deposits, ancient Aboriginal rock art, and bird-attracting lagoons are found in the immediate area.

Beginning in the mid 1800s there were pastoral holdings in the region. In the 1890s police stationed at Corinda provided regular escorts for settlers as far as the rocky escarpments of Hell's Gate. They refused to accompany the travellers past this point because of the fierceness of Aboriginals in the area. The area became known amongst settlers as Hell's Gate as a

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