Grand Adventure #1 (2003-2004) travel blog

Hello all:

We are exhausted and need a holiday from our holiday. As

mentioned in an earlier e-mail, we are no longer staying in residential areas,

we are now in full tourist mode. We have been at this for a month and are

very tired. So...we are now in a very comfortable (expensive) hotel with little

thought to actually going outside. We ensured that we had a hotel with 24-

hour kids TV and we have a computer here in the room. Between these two

electronic babysitters and the swimming pool we should all be able to relax.

It is a bit hard to explain needing to relax seeing as I have not been a work for

eight months but that is the way it is. Two days ago we thought we would just

go to the park where the playground was...simple thing in Fort McMurray.

However, here it involved the following (not an complete list)

-Haggling over the cost of the taxi, being taken to a custom tailor for five

minutes to make the taxi driver extra money (we only did this once for the

experience), the taxi ride itself (fast and periodically into oncoming traffic and

many many fast breakings with horns blaring), being dropped off at the wrong

side of the park, having the fun at the playground, taking a paddleboat ride,

feeding the fish and birds, having the ice cream.... of course all this took longer

than expected so the boys are tired and hungry so... off to walk to the night

market for food which as always involves walking past stalls of things to buy

which involves both the desire to look and have plus the dealing politely with

every stall owner who wants to sell something...then the food. Every night

marked sells food differently and it usually takes 5-10 minutes just fo figure

out the system and then to find food that all will be happy with. Then to

retrace the steps past the stalls to hail a taxi to get more of the same crazy

driving home. A 5 1/2 hour playground trip in 37* humid weather. It tires us


Anyway, due to the computer here in the room we will send'a few more e-

mails. We sent a small e-mail of a few experiences in Patang Thailand but we

also went to Chaing Mai in the north and we spent over a week in Bangkok.

We also have had many thoughts related to Asia in general. We will fill you

in with all these details over the next week.

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