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With our flags outside the classroom. Not many of the kids are...

Nayeli and me - red white and blue

Deysi and Louis, two of my favs

Lara and flags

Antonio! Yrma's son and my new little brother.

photos from class

and more class

I felt more patriotic this fourth of July than I've felt my entire life. It must be the fact that I'm living in Peru. Peruvians know more about Michael Jackson, naturally, that about our national holiday. It's a good thing that Peruvians are fond of Americans because I was all about independence and pride and fireworks today! I taught my first American history lesson, in Spanish. I also spoke the entire week about wearing red, white and blue and was so happy when many of my students showed up wearing one, two or all three colors. We made flags and played outside and learned English words and verbs that correspond to celebrating holidays. It was fun, although I missed our own traditions of beach and barbeque and fireworks, I must confess. The best, or worst I would normally say, part of the day was a dinner we had at a certain American restaurant. We ate at the closest McDonald's, a three story McDonald's in La Molina - two buses and 45 minutes away. Antonio came with us and had his first Big Mac and McFlurry, and we tried to impress that this was not a good American trademark although it was American nonetheless. After filling up on American hamburgers and ice cream we bused 45 minutes back to the house for sparklers with the security guards. Safe to say that this was a one of a kind holiday - English class in Peru, sparklers with security guards and dinner at McDonalds. We ended the night by picking up our newest volunteer at the airport - a girl named Coraline from France. She's precious and speaks more Spanish than English, which means that we're now only speaking Spanish at the house (and a little French).

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