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We piled into the mototaxi for the ride up to zone z...


the broken canchita

twisted metal, trash, filth - the court is barely recognized as a...



trash and dirt - the court was surrounded by this




We brought some brooms and the kids ran to their houses for...




Crystal and Anna had trash duty









This is my favorite shot - halfway there.


the entire crew!


and the painting begins












finished product! a brand new court for the kids to play on!


On Fridays in zone Z we try to have community betterment projects in the zone. This Friday we took on our biggest project yet - restoring one of the canchitas. This is not the large canchita beneath the cemetary. We need help from the government to clean and restore that field, as it requires displacing many boulders. That project will take place later in the month.. Friday's project was a bit more manageable. It just required many hands, brooms and some paint. Before we touched the court, or canchita, one could hardly tell that it was a court. Broken, twisted metal and trash and dirt covered it entirely. With help from the kids and their parents, we cleaned and repainted the court in about three hours. The kids now have a new place to play! This day was one of my favorites, for sure, and it's neat to watch the kids realize they can change their communities. Little projects like these offer an immediate reward - it's a good parallel to bigger life "projects", like education and family and leadership. Lots of laughs, tears and hugs today!

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