Ireland to Istanbul and dancing in BA travel blog

So, it's been a while since we've had internet access. Since our last posting we took the ferry from Dublin to Holyhead at the nothern tip of Wales and cycled our way through northern and mid-Wales around the mystical mountains of Snowdonia. The hills in Wales are VERY STEEP!!!! We decided that 20% grades would be our cut off (well, it wasn't really much of a decision since they were too steep to even walk our bikes up) so we had to change routes a couple of times to avoid major hills! The Welsh have clearly never heard of decent road grades! Wales was unbelievably beautiful. We were surrounded by craggy, green mountainsides (covered in sheep)hugging a spectacular coast line.

Oops - our free session at the library is over. Will post more as soon as we can.

Just know that we are having FUN!

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