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Fenton Glass Factory, Ripley, WV

Glass blobs on the end of a steel rod

He twirls this to form a vase. Notice the end

Notice the end, how it has changed

Flower baskets at Longaberger

Shelby and the world's largest apple basket

Shelby with her safety glasses

The master basket maker and a very patient teacher

Shelby and the beginning of her basket

Shelby with tools. She looks happy

the master basket makers takes over

My basket

Shelby's basket

We spent the night in Ripley, WV. We stopped about 9:30 and stayed in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I found a campground, but it was not recommended for large motorhomes. We are not large, but I was not sure how accurate their maximum measurements were and I did not want our MH to become part of the WV scenery.

There was a couple of other MH already parked so we joined them. If you are respectful of the property, they do not mind. It is the people who set up camp that make it bad on the others.

Shelby and I went shopping. The Wal-Mart in Ripley has a fabric department. I was so excited. My poor sewing machine. I have not even had time to take her out of the bag. We really don’t save money by staying in the wal-mart parking lots. I usually end up in the store to buy stuff I didn’t know I needed.

In the middle of the night the carbon monoxide alarm went off. Shelby was sleeping under it, but never woke up. She rolled over, so I knew she was fine. I stayed awake most of the night, checking on her. I need to learn to trust these alarms, especially the ones that I know work.

On our way out of WV we stopped at Fenton Art Glass for a tour. It was interesting to watch them mold and form glass. Our destination is the Longaberger Factory, but they do not open until 10:00 and Fenton Art Glass opened at 9:00, so we took their factory tour.

When we got to Frazeyburg, OH, which is where the Longaberger Factory is. Tuesday is make two baskets for the price of one and you know how Chuck is with the BOGO’s, so I took advantage of the offer. We ate some home cooked food at the Homestead Restaurant. “Homecooked” food in a restaurant. I always loved that term, but the food was good, wherever it was cooked. Shelby and I shopped and Chuck went to relax in the MH, he was resting up for our basket making, although he was not making a basket himself. We had so much fun, making our baskets and Chuck took pictures (glad he was rested up). We got to choose the color of the wood, the color of the inlays and the type of tacks we wanted. After we made them, Shelby and I went shopping in the outlet store. I only buy seconds. It is hard to tell them from the top quality and the price is a fraction of the regular price. Hopefully, if I give them as gifts, no one looks at the bottom, because it clearly says seconds.

We wanted to go to the Whistle Factory, but we got out of Longaberger too late. Plus you have to make reservations early and if you are less than 15 people, they add you onto another tour group. So either way it was not working out.

We pulled in to the KOA in Petersburg, MI about 8:00. It gets dark so late the further north we go. Chuck made Shelby and I gather small sticks so he can start the fire. The neighbors were watching us and felt sorry for us, so they came over and offered us some wood. Chuck took a piece of their wood and still made us gather small sticks. Finally after we gathered every small stick in the forest, he made a campfire. Shelby and I made Smores and I made some Jiffy Pop popcorn. Wow. I am sure glad they make microwave popcorn. You have to shake this stuff and shake it and shake it some more. I needed a nap by the time it was popped, but once it finally started and got finished popping, it was delicious. I still have to go for the microwave popcorn though. A lot less energy and time.

Love to all

The Travelling Trio

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