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Morning is breaking on high.

Morning is breaking on high.

Huge banks of cloud, just beginning to whiten up.

Is that land down below?

Well, this is.

So many islands.

Coming in to Fiji.

Coming in to Fiji.

Coming in to Fiji.

Coming in to Fiji.

Coming in to Fiji.

Coming in to Fiji.

Nearly there.

Down, with the wing flaps up, and the brakes working.

On the ground.

Busy at work.

What a wonderful welcome!

Nadi airport car park.

Room for my first night.

My balcony, overlooking the beach.

Hotel pool.

Looking over the car park.

Crystal and Craig's bule.

Ceiling is decorated with traditional Fijian patterns.

Their bathroom.

Craig taking it easy.

Layla all smiles.


The pathway from their little house.

The densely woven roof.

Craig and Layla, hitting the floor.

Music at the poolside bar.

Cute little birds.

They sound like budgies.

Probably a menace, but still cute.

Pool at the Outrigger Resort.

Crystal and Layla in the pool.

Jess and Stacey, Crystal's cousins.

Stacey, Jess, Crystal and Craig.

Thirsty Layla.

Thirsty Layla.

Stacey and Jess.


Happy Layla!!

Crystal enjoying a cocktail, and Craig with a more manly beer.

Crystal enjoying a cocktail, and Craig with a more manly beer.

More musicians at the pool side.

The shell, which sounds just like a horn.

And the drummer, responding to the horn.

Errol and Daniella at dinner, at Johnny's.

The cabin lights were turned on at 5.40 Fiji time, which is 1.40 China time. I had not slept well, at all, and still wanted more sleep. My neck and shoulders, and lower back were killing me. We had breakfast served. It was good. An omelette, with yoghurt, fresh fruit and a blueberry muffin.

Once the sky started to get some light, there was an amazing sight. The full moon hung at the end of the plane's wing, with white clouds below. Not much later, there was golden colour on the horizon. It is a long time since I have seen a sunrise, and this was spectacular.

We arrived at Nadi airport on time, at 7.40. It took a little while to get through customs, due the the number of passengers, but then it was smooth sailing, getting my luggage, and to the enquiried desk to find the transport company for a car to my hotel.

As I came out of the airport, there was a wonderful welcome to Fiji, with three men singing and playing guitar and ukelele at the exit. Great, what a welcome.

I quickly found the transport company, and was the only passenger for the Bedarra Beach Inn, so we set off in a comfortable sedan. The driver was very informative, but I was very tired, and I was dozing off by the time we were close to the hotel. It is an hour's drive from the airport.

The people at the hotel helped me with my luggage, and I got checked in, and had just sat down outside, on the balcony, with a coffee when I saw Errol and Daniella walking in the driveway. They came up and had a coffee with me.

They have been at Bedarra Beach for two nights, but are checking out, and going in search of a cheaper place to stay, so when they left, I went to bed. It was around 11am, and I did not wake until 2pm. I felt groggy still, but awake. Not long after that, Craig, Crystal and Layla turned up.

They had been to sign the formal papers this morning, and it turns out that they are now officially married. I walked with them to the Outrigger Resort, where they are staying, and I will be, after tomorrow. They showed me around the lower end of the resort, and took me to their bure (cottage built in traditional style) It is very nice. We went back to the pool area, where we sat and had a drink, and Crystal went swimming with Layla, and her two cousins, Jess and Stacey. Jess and Stacey will be two of the bridesmaids, along with Melissa, Crystal's sister.

We sat around the pool for the rest of the day, which suited me fine. Errol and Daniella arrived about 7pm, and we all went along the beach to Johnny's for dinner. Much cheaper than the Outrigger, of course. There were eight of us for dinner, and we had a lot of laughs. I had a nice meal, of garlic prawns, and a fruit smoothie for $FJ 20.

Craig, Crystal, Layla, Jessa and Stacey headed back to the Outrigger, and Errol and Daniella walked me to the Bedarra Inn, before heading on to their accommodation. They want me to try snorkelling with them tomorrow. I would love to try it, but am pretty nervous.

The lights in the bathroom blew, and also the ceiling fan stopped working, so I slept with the sliding door open, to try and catch a breeze. It was warm, but not too bad. The fan would have made things more comfortable though. I was in bed before 11pm!!

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