Visiting Korea and Meeting Matthew David Jr. travel blog

This weekend we will be visiting the city of Osan, S. Korea.

Osan is a city in the Gyeonggi Province of South Korea. It is located just South of Seoul. The population of the city is around 120,000 and the local economy is supported by a mix of agricultural and industrial enterprises. It also has a very good shopping district as well. :)

We will be visiting a very famous and the largest market in S. Korea, the Osan Market. It has been in operation since 1792.

The city of Osan was the scene of a brutal battle with communist forces during the Korea War in 1950, before being liberated by American forces. There is a statue dedicated to UN forces on the outskirts of the city which we will be visiting as well.

We will also be visiting the Air Force Base that was named after the city, which is located south of the city in the Songtan section. An interesting fact about the schools in Osan is that the student teacher ratio is 1 to 27.

More to come after our visit.

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