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I left Lesotho and had a short trip to Bloemfontein where I would spend the weekend with my cousin and her boyfriend. It was a short trip from Maseru to Bloemfontein so I pulled over for a spot of fishing. After about an hour I had decided that I had packed my fishing rod for no reason at all. The fish were there. I could see them! These fish must have been vegans.

It was good to see my cousins again. I hadn't seen them in a while. So after a weekend of partying I headed on west toward Kimberley. I had never been to Kimberley before and I was very interested in the history of this little diamond mining town and that big ass hole that was dug by hand. I recommend a tour around Kimberley's big hole. However, holes get boring and pubs just don't. I headed for one.

That night was my first night of camping. It was a seriously winding night and I got very little sleep. Constantly worrying about my bike falling over.

5am came with a Muslim prayer at the local mosque. Good grief those guys are loud!

I was doing possibly my longest trip today. 400km to Upington. It felt longer than that. I had to pull over for a breaks every 20km. It was boiling hot. I was sweating. My face was burning. I was boiling. I felt something hit me on my forearm but inside my sleeve. And then I felt it. OUCH!!! A wasp had flow up my sleeve and stung me on the arm. It also just happened to be my right arm. I wasn't able to take my hand off the throttle immediately and shake my arm about. Instead I had to pull over in a rather orthodox manner. Then get off my bike and scream and shout and dance and jump around like a crazy person!

As I was approaching Upington a cop had pulled me over for not having my light on. bla bla bla. I spoke my way out of this one. No bribe required!

I found a great campsite on the Orange River. I could try some more fishing. No such luck!!! Im going to bed!

Next stretch was one I was really excited about. Kakamas, Augrabies, and Poffadder. I had always heard about these holes. They were holes but have a lot of character. Augrabies falls is about as impressive as my morning pee but the national park is something very unique. In fact the whole area is very unique. I was crossing a bridge that had about 2 inches of water flowing over it. My back wheel slipped out and I went down. Oh well it was quite hot and I need a cool down. It was my first fall... oh well at least the next fall wouldn't be.

I was in the desert now but it wasn't quite as hot as the day before. I was in bushman territory and I could tell. Firstly the very few people that live in these areas look like bushman (probably are) and secondly they advertise it everywhere. I eventually reached my destination in Poffadder. Bushmans caravan site. I was camping again but in true Poffadder style they had a bar and bottle store in the caravan park. I spent more time and money in the bar than in the park.

Next day I would be at my uncles place in Kleinsee... and was looking forward to it.

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