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View of Imperial Valley from my window, dry camped off hwy in...

Odd platform next to where I am dry camped at Ocotillo

Another view of Ocotillo area

Thursday, April 30, 2009 - Outside of Lake Havasu City, AZ

After a good nights sleep, without having my nose running all night long, I awoke at about 6:30 and dozed off and on until 8 O’clock and then I got up and had my coffee. It was already too warm to keep the windows closed, so I opened the motor home up and let the air flow.

I started on writing about my trip of yesterday for both the update and the travel log, editing the photos and labeling them. I noticed an abnormal amount of orbs in the photos and have no answers as to why. Only two dead people have supposedly been placed in the cavern, so where did the orbs come from? Yet another universal mystery that will probably never be answered.

I spent the day writing about the experience, adding photos to match the text. And then added the story and photos to the travel log. I am still parked at the BLM off road spot outside of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and will spend another night here while I get all of the update and travel logs posted.

As I have mentioned before, publishing these updates and logs are very time consuming, especially if I have visited a site that is worth reporting on. It is now 9:10 PM, and I have just finished posting the update and the travel log story, so I’ll stop here and have some dinner, take a shower and then relax before bedtime. I still don’t know for sure where I am going, but I know that I will end up in Laguna Beach on the 8th of May or before.

Friday, May 1, 2009 - Lake Havasu City, AZ to Ocotillo, CA

I awoke at the first sign of light and had trouble going back to sleep. It never cooled down last night and because I am dry camping and don’t leave my generator running all of the time, I have no electricity to run the air conditioner or a fan. I left all of the windows open and there is an occasional breeze that helps cool me off.

I spent the morning looking at all of my options for now. Because today is May 1st, I could see about making reservations at the half price RV Park in Lake Havasu City, or I could stay here and dry camp for a while longer. My other choices are to drive on and either get reservations at one of my free resorts in the Palm Springs area, or see if one of the State Parks have vacancies. I will go online and see exactly what is available and then make a decision.

After going online and checking with the Reserve America center, I discovered that someone must have canceled their reservations at San Clemente State Park as they had one RV spot available from this Sunday, May 3, until Saturday, May 9, which will work for me. I can move my motor home from San Clemente to a parking spot somewhere and drive the Jeep to my nephew’s wedding and celebration, spending the night with my sister and brother-in-law and then head north on Sunday.

I made the online reservations and got the motor home ready to travel. I headed south on AZ State Hwy 95 to Yuma and then I-8 west towards San Diego. The reason I went south instead of heading west on I-10 is that I miss having to drive through a lot of heavy traffic on really bad freeways. This way I can connect with I-5 and head north directly to San Clemente. It may not be the shortest, or even the fastest, but it will surely be a more pleasant drive, besides, I have two days to get there.

It is now 6:30 PM, and I just pulled off I-8 on Hwy 98 and found a place along the road to spend the night. I got the motor home set up and raised the television and internet dishes, and then let Zack out to get some much-needed exercise. I will fix his and Zoey’s dinner, shower, and then fix myself something to eat before relaxing for the remainder of the evening.

Tomorrow, I will drive to a location close to San Clemente and find another spot to dry camp off the road, allowing me to check into the State Park and get set up early enough to relax and enjoy the spot for the remainder of the day. The spot I got, 55, is three spots down from the spot I had the last time I was here, plus it has better shade. It has been hot and muggy in the desert with a high overcast, high humidity and hazy horizon so I’ll be glad to exchange that for an ocean breeze.

Saturday, May 2, 2009 Ocotillo, CA

My evening view of the entire Imperial Valley below was a nice treat as the lights began to come on, but the haze still prevented me from seeing as far as the Chocolate Mountains. I can barely make out the mountains near Salton Sea some 60 miles north of here, but the closer views are high desert and the I-8 traffic in the distance creates an interesting pattern of lights.

The winds picked up after sunset and I slept with all the windows open, enjoying the warm night breeze. Luckily, my allergies have calmed down and are giving me a break. The traffic on this highway is more than I expected, but then it is a short cut directly to Calexico and Mexicali on the boarder. During the night, a truck turned off and went past me on the dirt road, disappearing into the darkness of the night. The sign next to this dirt road says “Mica,” but nothing else and it doesn’t appear on any of my maps. I suspect that it was a Boarder Patrol truck making its rounds and checking spots that illegal’s use to cross the boarder. Some time later, another truck took the road and their headlights disappeared in the far distance. I never heard or saw them return, so there may be a settlement or possibly another road out of the area. My spot is about 6 miles from the Mexican boarder and I don’t know exactly where the dirt road goes.

Because my reservation at San Clemente isn’t until tomorrow, and I am only a couple of hours from there, I have decided to spend tonight where I am and head to the State Park tomorrow morning. It is 10 AM, and already 81 degrees inside the motor home, and that is will all of the windows open to the breeze. I am going to start the generator so I can collect my emails and let the air conditioner run while it is on.

Just as I finished typing the above, a Boarder Patrol truck turned off the highway and went past me on the dirt road, so I am fairly confident that that is who I saw last night and early this morning.

The day got hotter; reaching 92 degrees and a quick check of National Weather for the area revealed that it is expected to get to 103 by Thursday. A check of the weather at San Clemente shows temperatures in the low 70s with patchy fog, so it will be cooler as I get to the coast.

I spent time doing some research and reading some friends blogs, and I called my brother to wish him a happy birthday. His birthday was actually yesterday but I was on the road and by the time I realized it was May 1, it seemed too late to call him. We had a nice conversation and I found out that his Lhasa Apso breeding pair had another litter of puppies. Six this time, with four being females and two males. He described their coloration but said it would change a little, as they got older. He said that this particular breed should stay with the litter for 10 weeks before separating them, so he won’t sell them for awhile.

I Googled the location I am at - Mica - but nothing came up, so I used Google earth to see if I could locate exactly what was down the dirt road I am parked on. I have included a picture of the satellite shot from Google Earth, and if you have Google Earth downloaded (it’s free), you can get closer or further away and see exactly what my surroundings are.

I tied to play with Zack by throwing his disc, but the wind is blowing so hard that it is almost impossible to deal with. Zack is still retrieving it and having fun, so I accomplished giving him the exercise he needed. I fed him and Zoey, and they both are napping now.

I will shower and then fix myself some dinner and relax for the evening.

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