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Our Graduate

Leopard Grouper

Lobster in it's hidey hole

Puerto de la Lancha

Us by a small cactus

Lighthouse at Loreto

Mission at Loreto (1697)

Lave flow at Coronados

Osprey nest at top of rock

Some local crabs

View of Corodandos bay from top of Volcano

Trekking down the volcano

taking a much needed break

Let's get this over with - i'm the photographer not the subject

Cool coloring

One of the many sunsets

Flying bat ray

Clear water gives more opportunity for a Kodak Moment

Thats our bay - nice whale tail

At anchor at Isla Danzante - very crowded

Flowering tube worm

Sergeant Majors -

Out of focus Sea Slug (nutibranch) - working on macro feature

One of the dolphins happy to see us

Dear Friends & Family,

At the moment, we are sitting in a hotel room in Bakersfield California. We traveled stateside to see our youngest son, Cal, graduate from College then to have a family reunion the remainder of the week at Lake Arrowhead.

Since our last blog entry we have motored to 3 anchorages around Isla Carmen – Bahia Marquer, Bahia Ballandra, and Puerto de la Lancha. All were wonderful anchorages affording some great swims, beachcombing and snorkels. We continued to buddy boat with our friends, Gil & Lexi, on their trimaran, Sunday. Unfortunately Ballandra and la Lancha were swarming with bees so didn’t stay long. We found a quiet anchorage on the southwest side of Isla Coronados where we stayed for 10 days that included even a day trip to Loreto to pick up some groceries. We met another couple there that taught us a new game called Pegs & Jokers – very fun. We took one morning to hike up the 928’ elevation volcano on Coronados. It was a grueling hike due to the lava rocks, desert conditions, and the steep climb in loose dirt the final 2-300 yards. Great view from the top of the bay and surrounding area. Following Coronados we went back to Loreto then on to a small bay called Nopolo for one night before heading to Isla Danzante and spending 3 nights in the south bight of Honeymoon Cove. While in this last anchorage we had a small whale (20-25 feet – we think young sperm) come within a couple hundred feet of our boat. We took off in the dinghy to get closer.

The temperatures have been climbing as has the water temp. We have determined that we do not have nearly enough fans on board so the trip stateside will see us pick up at least 4 more. The temp in the cockpit has been climbing into the low hundreds and the cabin upwards of 90 (only cooling to 80). With the bees we have to keep the netting up which limits the airflow. One late afternoon as we were reading below with the fans directly on us a bee flew into the fan above Gary with the separated lower half ricocheting perfectly with stinger going into his arm. The poor bee was able to at least, posthumously, affect some revenge.

We hope you enjoy the pictures. We don’t return to the boat until June 23rd

Love to all

Gary & Cindy

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