Visiting Korea and Meeting Matthew David Jr. travel blog

Welcome to Korea - Iteawon - enterance to Iteawon

Seoul Tower - Gives a panaramic View of Seoul.

Korean Museum outside gate 17

Han Man Dong Village

Road signs

Camp Coiner

Another View of Camp Coiner

Camp Coiner Headquarters



The enterance to the military housing where Yetzenia and Matthew live

Security entrance gate

Camp Coiner

Iteawon is a small village in Seoul. The side walks are lined with street vendors that work in metal boxes on wheels. At night the streets are well lite with neon signs. On Saturday's its hard to drive around because everyone is trying to get to the bars for happy hour. The side walks are lined with people, its so hard to walk.

In the States all military bases are called 'Forts', outside the US they are all called

'Camps'. In S. Korea there are many camps located through out the country.

In S. Korea the camps are divided into areas:

Area 1 is located on the border of North and South Korea called Camp Casey and CRC, the location is Uijongbu.

Area 2 is Seoul: Yongsan, Camp Kim and K-16.

Area 3 is Camp Humphrey, Osan, Suwon and Camp Long: located in Pyo'ngtaek

Area 4, Camp Walker and Camp Carroll: located in Buson and Teagu.

In each area there are three to four camps, divided between the Army, Air Force and Marines.

The Mail terminal in at the Incheon Airport, all mail and packages come through this area, this is where Yetzenia works.

Matthew and Yetzenia live in Han Man Dong which is off post but in a secure military housing post.

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