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Our house and class site in Zona D

Soccer field in Zona Z



Enrique, one of our neighbors who is a fire fighter and wants...

the sun setting in zona z, the silhouettes of the dirty andes...

A few of my favorites - Elena's kids Nayeli and Willie are...

Fernando - Ana's grandson whom she takes care of during the day....

Anna, Lara's sister who came this week, preparing masks for class

AHH! A chicken foot in the chicken noodle soup. I didn't have...

"Delicious" Luz says. She loves the feet.

Ana in the kitchen!

ok, there were five of us (enrique is up front with the...


The driver stopped because we were too heavy! We had to grab...

Nayeli, Elena's four year old daughter

me and nayeli. Her English is getting so good!


playing tag before class

more tag with anna and the little ones

mascara time - most of these photos are from lara and anna's...


Luz and chico







i love these photos, taken outside the "classroom" or community house







high fives!


more Luz

A few pictures from my class. We had so much fun -...


rolling up his mascara, all done.

Ana served us soup for lunch today. She has been making soup for me all week, even though I’m really able to eat other things now. It’s always the same – chicken broth with noodles and carrots and usually a piece of chicken and bone that I nibble at but feed to the cat. Today, however, I found a liver and a heart in my soup. I think I jumped in my chair when I saw those organs floating around. Luz and Anna had chicken feet in their bowls, and among all five of us we had just about all of the innards of that chicken we’ve been eating this week. Yrma started laughing and passed her bowl to me for my giblets. I just couldn’t believe it. Apparently, the feet are excellent. They’re Luz’s favorite.

We went up to Zone Z today for class and an art project. On our way up to the zone, the moto driver told us we were too heavy and some people had to get out! Lara, Enrique and I got out and flagged down another moto – can you believe that? We were carrying a lot and driving up a mountain, so it’s no wonder the moto stopped. We unfortunately couldn’t paint the field in zone z this afternoon, as there was a funeral going on, so we’ll paint next week. Lara met with some of the parents and the “director” of the zone about the community projects we have planned, and I took the older kids over to a different court to play, as the normal field was filled with that funeral procession. The other court was no better, just slabs of broken concrete and twisted metal. There was a little boy there with some type of mental disability rolling around in the dirt off to the side. The kids all knew him and said hello, but I'm guessing his parents can't care for him and just let him roam around. It's heart breaking. I wonder if there's something we can do for him.

I somehow managed to convince the four girls to join the 16 or so boys for a soccer match (futbol futbol!) on this court and was able to divide the kids into teams. We had a blast – the game was the most fun I’ve had since I’ve been here. While I played soccer, Anna, Lara, Luz and Enrique (one of the community members in our zone who wants to help), had class with the younger kids. Lara somehow thinks that my kids are less rowdy so I can handle them by myself…craziness. Our art project today was making masks (mascaras) – I thought it would be a fun way to learn the parts of the face. The kids loved it and by the time we left there were many colorful, masked chicos running all over the zone. Class was so fun and the kids all participated really well, especially since we had a new board to write on. That heavy board was one of the reasons our first moto couldn’t make it up the mountain! After a few hours we said our goodbyes and hailed a moto back done to Zone D. Luz and I ran over to Quinze when we got back because I wanted to grab something small for a family friend (of my family in the states) that I’m visiting this weekend. I also picked up something for Ana, as she’s been so sweet to take care of me this week. Her husband is a taxi driver and will drive me over to La Molina to my friend’s house tomorrow. Luz helped me write a note to Ana, and we went to her house to drop off the little chocolates and to give my address to her husband. Ana almost didn’t take the gift, but then hugged the tiny package to her chest very tightly and ran to the back to show her husband. It was such a small gift, just a thank you, so I was surprised at her response. I was also surprise to see the family’s car – the taxi – pulled into their house. It took up the entire middle section. The sofa and tables were all pushed away to the sides of the small room, which I realized, was no larger than a single garage space. The way in which families live here, and their generosity despite their poverty, never ceases to overwhelm me. I’m looking forward to tomorrow – lots of classes in the morning and my trip to La Molina in the afternoon.

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