Neil and Laura's 2005 Adventure travel blog

The picture says it all really

Walkway in the treetops at Otway Fly

The observation tower 70 metres high

Which Laura didn't climb - that's her below

That's a big tree

Triplet Falls in the rainforest

Breakfast overlooking the tennis courts at Lorne

Wild koala in the trees near the quaintly named Sausage Gully on...

Lorne is at the eastern end of the Great Ocean Road a couple of hours' drive from Melbourne. This stretch of coast is well known for its surfing beaches and Lorne is a trendy spot for Melbourne's younger set at the weekends. It was quiet when we arrived but our last couple of days were the start of the Easter weekend and by Friday morning the place was jam packed.

Our accommodation was in an apartment complex on the beach which was pretty nice - unfortunately they were in the middle of building some new blocks and the restaurants were closed, but it didn't really affect us.

The main excursion we made was to a place called Otway Fly where they have built a steel walkway fifty metres up in the eucalyptus forest. It's a strange feeling walking around in the tops of the huge trees some of which are five hundred years old.

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