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Raid: Critters on the Counter

Dora, Our Favorite Fruit Lady

At Abuelita's Home

Preparing for the Guinea Pig

Yep. That's Guinea Pig

My Second & Last Bite

Three Generations

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The First Class

Woke up to lots of dead critters after our Raid fiesta last night. Translation: I will be losing many, many friends :)

Had my last 5:30 am morning chat / Babelfish with Oscar, our security guard. He is a lovely man, married with two young boys and expecting one more. His family lives in an apartment in Huaycan, but he is saving diligently to by his own home for his family. I will miss our time together.

At 7:00 am, charming and elderly Delphine arrives with 8 rolls for 1 sol (33 cents). I will miss his smiling face each morning.

Arnaud awoke at 8:00 am for our morning cafe together. He continues to quiz me on my knowledge of European countries, capitals, history, languages and relationships. He is smart and a great teacher. I will miss his willing and giving spirit.

Took my final (cold) shower today before the three gringas went to the paved street in Huaycan to shop for a gift for abuelita, the mother of Irma and grandmother of Luz, as she is preparing cuy (guinea pig) for our lunch. Know what she wanted? Coke. I love it. Coke is her favorite drink.

Well, I really did have guinea pig for lunch. While I was ever so grateful to abuelita for welcoming us into her home and preparing her signature meal, eating guinea pig was quite a stretch for me. I had to ignore the guinea pig paw on my plate and find some guinea meat...which was hard to do. Anyway, I did it. This is the last crazy food before I leave!

During lunch, I briefly mentioned that I like wine. Abuelita then goes into her kitchen and gives me a bottle of wine from her kitchen. It is easy to forget that these giving people live in a shantytown (slum). They are so giving and loving to us.

I will miss the sweet kisses on the cheek from the friendly people of the Huaycan shantytown, especially from the children.

I have a new appreciation for my regular $7 lunch in Chicago equals 21 meals in Huaycan.

While the sun shines very little in Huaycan because of the dirt and smog, I will miss the sunshine that the people of Huaycan bring to the world.

I will miss working with the Light and Leadership Team. Luz, Lara and Irma are amazing women with a passion for helping others that I have really never experienced so closely before.

I leave our home at 3:30 am to catch my 7:00 am flight to Miami. I must wait until Saturday to get back to Chicago unless AA will allow me to fly standby. Even better, maybe AA will allow me to connect through Dallas to spend a little time with my family.

Off to celebrate with my teammates with bread and our bottle of wine from abuelita...and my last sip or two of mate de coca.

Thank you for travelling with me. The sun now sets on Huaycan.

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