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Silas & Sarah Price who were Hank's great great grandparents.

Blackwater Falls from afar.

Blackwater Falls seen from the lowest viewing platform.

Blackwater Falls

River of Amber description of Blackwater Falls.

WV wind power generators are eye-level next to road.. closest we've been...

Hank & the dogs in Five River Campground in Parsons, WV.

Deer seen from Clover Run Road in the countryside near Parsons.

Headstone of Silas & Sarah Price in the Harsh Cemetery on Brushy...

The old farmhouse of Silas & Sarah Price is now the home...

Close-up view of geese that frequented the 5 River Campground... one looks...

Wild turkey seen in the yard of a house on Clover Run...

Our RV at the Five River Campground in Parsons.

Driving to Parsons, WV we enjoyed the beautiful green mountains & valleys. The grass & trees are in full summer bloom. We were on interstate highways (I64 & I79) until the last 50 or 60 miles. The last 30 miles or so was on a narrow (scenic) highway going through small valleys. There are many houses, barns & buildings right off the roadway. It reminded me of small roads & rural areas in western Pennsylvania.

Parsons is a cute small town. We weren't sure where the rv park was, so we stopped to disconnect the car. Hank asked a local resident walking home from work in "downtown" for directions. (We were on the right road, but hadn't gone far enough.) Hank mentioned what we are looking for information on his Grandmother Price in Parsons. To his surprise, the man he was talking to is related thru the Price family. Then we went to the local restaurant for dinner & our waitress is also related back to Silas Price. It is a small town, but this all happened in the first 2 hours we were here. The waitress also gave Hank the name & phone number of her aunt who has extensive info on the Price family. Who would have "thunk" it. :-)

Folks in Parsons are very nice & happy to help in any way they can. Hank has spent time at the Tucker County Court House located here in the "heart" of Parsons. With the help of some friendly people there he was able to locate quite a bit of info on his relatives. He has spent several days searching the Court House & Parsons Library for information. We have driven on back roads searching for old cemeteries. We have looked in the city cemetery & the small ones we found for Price & Bergeron relatives. Happily we can say this has been a "gold mine" of information for Hank in his genealogy searchs. One of the best resources is a distant relative, Evelyn Price Moore. She is an amazing 83 yrs young, living by herself in Hank's great, great grandfather, Silas Price's, house. How cool is that? Evelyn is the family genealogist & is well known in Parsons for her knowledge & information about the Price family. Evelyn's grandfather was the brother of Hank's great grandfather, both sons of Silas Price.

Sunday morning it was a beautiful day & we drove up the mountain to Thomas, WV to the Blackwater Falls State Park. The falls are well known & visited by many people. The falls are about 62 ft high & with all the rain we've had were full of water & beautiful. From the "top" viewing area it is over 200 stair steps down to the lowest viewing platform which is close to the bottom area of the falls. It really is a nice park & beautiful waterfall.

The Five River Campground is located along one of the rivers in the Parsons area. The campground is a good place for people to camp & launch their kayaks & canoes. It has been a nice quiet location for us.

Thursday we are heading Easts to go to Solomons, MD which is the area we lived in before we started full-timing. We are going to catch up on some doctor appts etc. We expect to be there for a couple of weeks.

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