Sharing with Sandy: Lima's Light and Leaders - May 2009 travel blog

The One Who Stole My Heart

On Our Way to Class

Lara in Action

After Class, We Played Soccer Next to Graveyard

A Day's Work Reward: Priceless

Zone Z Firecracker & Superwoman: Elena

Trying Another Squishy Fruit That Looks & Feels Like A Brain

Evening French Lesson With Arnaud...

...Then An English Lesson With Sandy (Filled With Hugs, Of Course)

My Favorite Student Moises & His Proud Parents

Yummy breakfast of bread with avocado and salt this morning. The new volunteer, Leslie from South Carolina, brings the 'Gringas' total to three. Leslie just graduated from Davidson College in North Carolina and is now studying to pass the MCATs to go to medical school.

Lara and I took Leslie shopping for bottled water on one of the two paved streets in Huaycan this morning, where dodging the three-wheeled moto-taxis is always an adventure. Leslie's eyes where sooooo wide as she experienced Huaycan for the first time.

At home, we prepared for teaching our two afternoon english classes in Zone Z. After enjoying soup with potatoes and a really soft-boiled egg for lunch, we three gringas hopped in a moto-taxi for the dusty ride to Zone Z.

While Lara and Leslie taught class to the 4-8 year old children, Elena and I played soccer with the 8-13 year olds. They were having such a great time. No rules. No fighting. Just fun and laughter and cooperation. I played. I fell. I fell hard. I fell hard...twice :( The kids thought it was just hilarious to have this gringa giant fall flat on her back, scraping her knees and hands while getting covered in dirt. It really was hilarious, and I am glad that I wasn't caught on camera!

When the game ended and it was time for their class, they all came to me and said 'Thank you! Thank you!' in english and returned the ball to me without me even having to ask. These children are so polite and grateful to have anyone help them.

In english class, I taught the children (~17) how to write and say "My name is ____, my birthday is _____, and I like _______" in english. I am very proud of them!

Naale, Elena's daughter, has stolen my heart. Her sweet face makes everyone smile. I was quite sad to leave Zone Z today, as we don't have another trip scheduled before I leave Peru.

I was sooooo dirty after playing soccer in Zone Z. Even though the showers are a little cold, I had to rough it because I was so dusty. The best shower, then the best dinner - bread, tangerine and water, and then the best sleep. I was exhausted.

Tomorrow, the three gringas go to Lima to buy supplies for the classroom before it officially opens on Sunday.

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