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I did not leave the house today. Translation: I am pretty dust-free. Lara and I spent the entire morning prepping the school room for its official opening on Saturday. Even though LLI doesn't officially 'go live' until then, the Huaycan people are still asking for English classes and showing up at our door for tutoring. People started arriving at the house at 7:30 am. What a high class problem to have...too much demand.

Since my Spanglish is less Span- and more -Glish, I have an English/Spanish dictionary and Babelfish nearby. I think the children have as much fun teaching me Spanish as I do teaching them English.

Lara negotiated a nice deal (just a few dollars a day) with our next door neighbor, Anna, to prepare lunch for the volunteers Monday through Saturday. Today was Anna's first day, and the pasta with homemade pesto with one baked chicken wing was delicious. Even better - she scoured and organized the kitchen, which is now spotless. Hopefully, our creepy crawly friends will decide that it is no fun to hang around here anymore without any food on the counter tops.

The security guard started today as well. A burly looking fellow guards our home nightly from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. Gotta keep the Gringos safe!

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