Sharing with Sandy: Lima's Light and Leaders - May 2009 travel blog

First, The School Supplies. Thank You Aunt Susan!

Then, The Clothes. Thank You Aunt Char!

1st Meal: Chocolo (Corn), Potatoes, Cheese, Tangerines

My Street

View of Neighbor from Rooftop

View From My Room

1st Day on Job. In Mototaxi to Zone Z. Fare: 50 Soles...

Luz's Mom, Irma, the Matriarch of LLI...& All of Huaycan It Seems!

Elena: Zone Z Change Agent & Her Family

Z: Superwomen Elena (Zone Z Change Agent), Lara & Luz (LLI Founders)

Z: Elena's Street

Z: Typical Bathroom

Z: So Proud of Her Hand Sewn Work Which She Sells for...

Z: Typical Kitchen

Z: Those Sweet Eyes

Z: Playtime In Kitchen WIth One of The Family Roosters

Z: Consoling & Trying To Help A Woman Whose Husband Abandoned The...

Z: 1 Room. 3 Beds. 6 Family Members (Mom+5 Kids). 1 Leaky...

Z: Bathroom on '2nd Floor'

Z: LLI Founders Luz & Lara

Z: Handicapped Child Sitting Alone on Street. Where Are His Parents?

Z: Home. Ashy Environs Splashed with Vibrant Colors

Z: Smiles Upon Receiving Clothes From Aunt Char

Z: High Fivin' the New Duds

Z: Discussing Day One on the Job With My Leader

Zone R (Back, Right, On Mtn): The Other Zone That LLI Supports

Closer View of Zone R

She Stole My Heart

Hungry the Huaycan community is in welcoming the Light and Leadership Initiative (LLI) leaders and volunteers;

Thirsty for learning are the Huaycan children;

There are no strangers in the LLI home in Huaycan, as our welcoming door is always open and filled with family and friends, old and new;

Wonderfully quickly social masks are stripped, leaving you clothed only in love and a desire to help;

Sick your heart will feel when departing Huaycan as you realize your next visit is just too far away;

Imprisoned by loneliness you feel at the end of each day when your new friends and family leave the LLI home after experiencing so much joy with them.

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