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lots of arms

he's tall

these guys look cute.....but prickly

giant roadrunner in las cruces

Las Cruces lookout

The next couple of days are gonna be long and boring drives through some hot states. Southern Arizona continued to be sweltering. We stopped and drove through Saguaro National park in the Tucson area, some really great cactus scenery was there. Didn't want to walk around too much though coz it was so hot and there are snakeys around. We also drove over to Colossal Cave which is right down the road, but didn't feel like paying for a guided tour that was packed with kids. Back on the road for a bit we stopped in Dragoon, AZ to see the Thing? a fun little tourist trap at a gas station. We took video of the Thing? to show everyone. Next stop was a rest stop in Las Cruces, New Mexico to see a giant roadrunner made out of junk. It was pretty cool, but what made it even better was a dad carrying his son that fell in the dirt walking back from looking at the bird. The kid was screaming bloody murder haha. Soon we were in Texas, and although I knew we would be close to Mexico while driving through El Paso, I didn't know that looking out the car window I would be looking into Mexico! We saw the border line on Freeda and realized that indeed we were looking at Mexico, it looked pretty slummy! About halfway to Van Horn, we had to stop at a border patrol check point, where an officer just asked if we were US citizens and let us go...very interesting since he shined his flashlight into the vehicle in front of us! Today's drive was long and hot, but what really topped the cake was that we jumped 2 time zones....losing 2 hours of sleep :(

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