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The day was blazing down in the phoenix area, but the weather report for Grand Canyon said it would be 71 and a chance of rain, which we thought was interesting since AZ has been so hot. GC was a 3 hour drive away and about an hour and a half into the trip we realized how different the northern part of the state was. Green trees and forests replaced the landscape of desert and mountains. We got stuck in a traffic jam for about a half hour just getting into the park and of course it started to rain once we finally got in. We ended up parking by one of the general stores and had planned on taking the free shuttles around the park, but those were packed since it was the weekend and it was raining. We decided to take a short hike to the rim, and it offered beautiful views. After that, we went back to the car and drove to another jammed pack view point, but still it was awesome to look at. We drove around the park a bit more, saw the mules/donkeys and petted them and decided to head on out. In all we were probably in the park for less than 3 hours, too many people to enjoy the nature. Guess we really lucked out at Yellowstone before the big rushes of people come in for the summer. We also say some chipmunks and an elk at the park. On the way back to phoenix, we stopped in at Bedrock City, a cute little Flinstones tourist trap. We ran in and out of the different buildings since by then it was a pretty steady drizzly rain.

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